INCINOLET uses electric heat to reduce human waste (urine, solids, paper) to a small amount of clean ash, which is dumped periodically into the garbage. INCINOLET remains clean because waste never touches the bowl surface. A bowl liner, dropped into the bowl prior to use, captures the waste, then both liner and its content drop into the incinerator chamber when the foot pedal is pushed. You can use INCINOLET at any time-even while it is in cycle.

How Incinolet Works

A Typical Cycle:

Incineration cycle is started with the push button. Both heater and blower come on when button is pushed. Heater alternates off and on for a preset period of time, blower continues on until unit has cooled.

Several people may use the toilet in rapid succession. Push the start button after each use to reset the timer.

INCINOLET vs. Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets
Cleanliness Paper Bowl Liner contains waste - keeps bowl sparkling clean. Bowl is not protected - waste can stain and smear bowl surfaces.  Waste is visible in some models
Odor Waste is incinerated after each use - keeps bathroom free of odor and flies. Catalyst within the toilet keeps exhaust odor-free. Waste accumulates and decomposes over a 3-6 month period of time - user can see accumulated waste and some insects may be attracted.
Water Uses no water. Some models use water and must be plumbed.
Additives Nothing to add. Peat moss must be added after every 3-4 uses. Other "food" for microbes must be added from time to time.
Residue Ash produced is germ-free - no restrictions on its disposal. Compost produced must be put out onto the ground, but cannot be used as fertilizer for food producing plants. Some models drain excess urine out into a pit or an old septic system.
Climate Can be used in any climate and can be left in an unheated environment for long periods of time. Microbes must be kept warm and must be "fed" from time to time or they die, stopping the composting process and leaving raw sewage in the toilet or composting vault. Waste must be "stirred" periodically.
Electrical Requirements Uses 120 volts (some 240 volt models), at 15 amps. Uses about 1½ kilowatt hour of electricity per cycle. Electric drawn only when toilet is in use. Electric models use 120 volts. Electricity may be needed all the time, even during off seasons, to operate evaporation fan and heater.

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